Stalkers, Anonymous
January 5
A frazzled nun leads a support group for stalkers. Jay Gatsby, Edward Cullen, and the Phantom of the Opera make appearances.

January 8
A Trekker and a Star Wars nerd engage in a forbidden romance.

A young med student falls hopelessly in love with the boy at the bagel store – or at least, what she imagines he must be

January 14
Two childhood friends bond on Halloween

A superficial socialite schemes her way to getting her ideal man.

February 2
Sparks fly between the daughter of the governor of Alaska and the son of the Presidential candidate.

February 13
A vampire masquerades as a fraternity brother in order to suck the blood of unsuspecting slutty girls

February 26
Jon Stewart examines a riot at UC Berkeley

March 5
An encounter between a flutist and a drummer – dedicated to Danny Beallo, of course

March 12
Inspired by the Youtube series, Sassy Gay Friend saves Jocasta

April 1
Katie shows off her limited Russian by flirting with Anton Yelchin

Gift of the Gods
The story behind the local son of Zeus

April 10
A reflection on the first 100 days, and a Rocky Horror Picture love story

Apple Pie (With Blueberry Trim)
A California girl visits her Midwest relatives against her will

School-Crossed Lovers
The forbidden love story between a Cal and a Stanfurd Bandsmen

April 26
Two students sing about college acceptances to the tunes of “Good Morning Baltimore” and “The Bitch of Living”

May 20
Ariel has an anxiety attack

May 22
The title is self-evident

June 9
A young man attempts to win the heart of his best friend – whose boyfriend is off fighting in the Great War

June 13
How South Pacific should have gone

Agent Ocelot

The most stupendous adventures of a pair of secrets agents: the stone cold fox and the woman with a secret

Nerdy Guys
July 9
Because every girl wants an adorable nerdy boyfriend, right?