Monday, April 26, 2010

College Decisions: The Musical

So I’ve been talking to a lot of prospective students lately, and I’ve been bored in class a lot as well. This is the result.

College Decisions: The Musical

LACEY walks out.

(To the tune of Good Morning Baltimore)
Oh oh oh
Woke up today
Feeling the way I always do

But oh oh
College acceptance day
They’re coming my way

My mom hands me the post
It’s thicker than most
It’s like a message from high above

Oh oh oh
It’s time to decide
Which university is it I love

It’s time to SIR
It’s no longer a distant star
These four years were pretty cool
But it’s time for a better school
It’s time to SIR
And someday when I’m off really far
I want to make sure I’ll be
Somewhere I want to be

KRISTEN enters

(To the tune of The Bitch of Living)
Got a dream I was rejected from all colleges: great and small
All that studying, all those APs, weren’t worth anything at all
Then I remembered I was accepted everywhere for next fall
The availability of decisions is the scariest thing of all

(To the tune of Good Morning Baltimore)
We know every stat, the short and the long
We know there’s a place

Where we belong

It’s time to see how the school’s really feel

We don’t want to sign the incorrect deal

It’s time to SIR
Every letter’s an open door
Every minute a fantasy
Of next year we’ll be

It’s time to SIR
But people say when we step in the door
We know where exactly we’ll be
Hope that happens with me.

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